Our Process

At Infinity West Development Group, we have a system in place to move your entire project from concept to reality. Starting a new project of any kind means that we will be embarking on a journey together. Our objective is to make this a memorable experience and a smooth process for you.


Come sit down with our team and let’s have a chat. We can take whatever is in your mind and convert that to a real-life plan. We will explain to you the many stages of the process that are to come and you will leave with a clear understanding of what to expect and all that is involved. All visions are impacted by budgets, so we will discuss financial details, expectations and timelines as well.  


Meet with our lead architect Rafiq Shaikh, and describe to him your wants, needs, desires and dreams! As the Master Designer that he is, Rafiq will go to work on his drafting table and manually sketch you a preliminary drawing and guide you through to the Working Plans and Building Application milestone. It’s a very tough task to give clients everything they want with the strict building codes and by-laws we face today but that is what separates Infinity West from the rest! Creation of your design is the most crucial aspect that determines your satisfaction with the end result. With over 40 years experience designing Dream Homes here in Vancouver, Richmond and surrounding areas, we create works of art that will exceed your expectations.


From the day building permits are issued, we have LIFT-OFF on your project! Infinity West controls all parties involved such as City Inspectors, Sub-trades, Materials Suppliers and everyone in between. We will work together with you along the whole way as your decisions will be required on all facets, especially those that relate to the finishing and interior design of your home. Managing your construction site and everything that happens there is our responsibility and we work hard to keep everything moving fast, forward and efficiently.


There cannot be enough emphasis put on quality of the workmanship that is put into building your project. Infinity West Development Group prides its strong reputation and popularity on the attention to detail and high standards of work that we demand from our team.  We ensure accountability from our skilled trades and remain present throughout providing supervision and direction.  It’s all in the details and we want nothing more than making you FALL IN-LOVE with the finished product. Safety is all about being aware of your surroundings and educated on the proper procedures. Nobody steps foot onto your construction site unless they are properly equipped to work, WCB registered and licensed with the city.  WCB registered and licensed with the city. Maintaining a clean site is most critical in creating a safe working environment and you can ensure that we will take all the preventative measures and necessary actions to accomplish this.


At the end of your project we will hand over your keys along with a pass on the final inspection or an occupancy permit. Then for our new construction projects the 2-5-10 year warranty that is guaranteed by National Home Warranty will commence and our outstanding customer service will begin to shine through. Once our client, always our client and we will honour all of our post construction obligations and stand by our accomplishment.